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There are four stages of self-awareness.

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The Four Stages of Self-Awareness Framework

Learn how you currently act to decide how you want to act.

How do you respond in the face of discomfort?

By asking this simple question, we can get to know a lot about ourselves. And when we know how we respond to discomfort, we can treat ourselves with more kindness, compassion, and love.

We all have two ways of responding to discomfort – reactive (focusing on what we cannot control and acting out of habit) and responsive (focusing on what we can control and being in the present moment). Our response to discomfort determines our “Stage of Self-Awareness” – in other words, whether we’re in the Lotus, Survivor, Warrior, or Phoenix stage.

Knowing our Stage of Self-Awareness can help us live with intention and achieve our goals. We make better choices aligned with our values, feel confident that we’re walking in our purpose, and have clarity on the direction for our lives. Knowing our Stage puts us in charge.

I believe that mastering your self-awareness is the KEY to unlocking your dream life. So I am committed to helping release limiting beliefs, and patterns that keep you from feeling a sense of fulfillment, or wholeness.

I went from feeling depressed, lost and disoriented for 8 months to living my dream life, helping ambitious souls get a clear direction for their lives, take action with confidence and feel more joy & long-lasting inner peace. 

I developed the Four Stages of Self-Awareness framework as a faster, natural and intuitive process for getting on the driver seat of your life, making decisions rooted in what truly unleashes your most authentic self.

My job is to show you how to build the bridge between you and your dream life – by closely identifying the gaps that need to be filled.

I’m also a reading addict, tea-drinking, pole dancer obsessed with Dragon Ball Z and all things leading to authentic self-mastery! 


to help ambitious humans unleash their authenticity with ease by tapping into their self- awareness!

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success stories

Working with Nory was the best decision ever!
If you’re looking for a change, transformation, and want to move forward, Nory is absolutely the coach for you!

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Kiera w.

Wellness Advocate for Women of Color

If you get the chance to work with Nory, Do It! You’ll be better because of it! The experience has been so phenomenal. She’s helped me understand, connect, accept myself, and the true power I hold. This has been a great investment!


LaToya R.

Sr. Cultural Strategist

Working with Nory was better than therapy! Thanks to Nory I feel a sense of relief, I feel like I have a laser focus on my priorities and I am now at peace with myself.


Sharon G.

Reading specialist

If you feel like you’re not living the life you envision for yourself, reach out to Nory! Our time together was well spent. I have a personalized path forward for my business and feel so much happier & lighter.

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Tansy M.

Founder of 1M4

I’ve seen instant returns from using her resources. What I love the most about Nory is that she doesn’t listen to reply. She really wants the ultimate best for you. She makes sure she’s doing and building with her clients in mind.



founder of Ain’t I Latina?

I got the next 5 years of my life mapped out.
In a matter of weeks, I went from being stuck, lost, and with no concrete vision or goals for this stage in my life, to having the next 5 years of my life mapped out. I know what I want to accomplish, why it is important to me, and how I’m going to do it.


Crystal L.

Public Health Analyst

Before working with Nory, I was feeling paralyzed by fear. Our time has been super successful because I’ve shifted from those feelings of stuckness and I’ve learned how to listen to my intuition. I come off smiling every time we have a call together!


Meg F.


She helped me see beyond my self-imposed limitations. Before working with Nory, I felt lost and in need of an honest opinion. She customized a plan for me based on what I was looking for. Working with her helped me see possibilities I had not considered.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 6.01.01 PM

Cindy L.

Fertility Coach & founder of Howl At The Womb

Laser-focused strategy

to get a clear direction for your life & confidently walk in your purpose.

You’re either still trying to live with intention & have no idea how to shift your mindset right now, or you’ve been building your self-care practice for years, but don’t know how to move to the next level with courage.

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