iAmHealthyFit Running Club: New Season and Updates


Spring has finally decided to show its face in Portland, OR. The past two weeks the temperature has been hovering from the high 60s to the high 70s. With warmer weather comes more workouts. Portland is one of those cities where the people are very active.

It’s encouraging to see all these people out running and biking this time of the year. It’s no wonder that Portland was ranked 7th last year in the 15 top fittest cities in the United States.

Running Club: New Season and Updates

The iAmHealthyFit Running Club (IAHFRC) is back into the swing of things. Our first run of the year was on March 30th with a short 5K run around the Portland Waterfront. Some of the ladies did interval runs, stopping to do circuit training at each mile.

On April 3rd we did a longer 6 mile run on the Marine Drive Bike Path, which runs along the Columbia River. The Columbia River separates Washington state and Oregon. It’s mostly flat but has beautiful scenery.

After running, we quenched our hunger at a local wing spot called Fire on the Mountain. It was a nice way to spend our Sunday morning.

We ran yesterday, and the high temperature was 82 degrees. We had a pretty decent turnout and a lot of first-time runners. Afterward, we got drinks and food. I’m already looking forward to our next group run (this weekend). If you know anyone who lives in the greater Portland area who wants to join running community, please tell them to hit us up.

I’ve been running a lot lately, but I want to bulk up and get these #gainz. So to revamp my healthy exercises, I signed up for a 24-hour fitness super sports club membership. I like it because I can go to any 24-hour fitness gyms in the country (with the exception of 3).

I missed going to a real gym instead of making my apartment gym try to work. I’ve noticed gains already and am looking forward to a summer of #TeamNoShirt on a beach near you.

Since I love running so much and I’m also on the quest of #gainz I’ve increased my caloric intake. To help me track my progress with eating I downloaded myfitnesspal which has been a great aid. Currently, I’m slated to consume 3500 calories a day which I usually hit five days a week.

Summer isn’t here yet, but we’re off to a great start. What are your fitness goals? Are you ready for the summer?

4 Reasons Why You Would Absolutely Love PrAna’s Gear


As a SweatPink Ambassador, I have the opportunity to work with various brands to help them review their products. Earlier this month, Fit Approach partnered with PrAna to work with a group of ambassadors to review their stylish spring collection.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts. But first, what is PrAna?

PrAna creates versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day. Since 2012, PrAna has partnered with bluesign systems to ensure that the fabrics they use meet the highest environmental and human safety standards.

For my review, I received a pair of PrAna’s Lennox Shorts in black. Since I am a pole fitness instructor I was thrilled to receive these shorts and try them at the studio. You can find details for the shorts here.

My first impression? I love the material. Very soft but still flexible. Unlike other shorts I have these ones stay in place. They do not roll up when I move which is a plus!

They are perfect for pole instructors. As a pole fitness instructor, I love these shorts! They have a small pocket which is a great place to put a small remote or keys. This is very convenient because I am always looking for places to put the remote for the sound system at the studio.

If you are a runner, you will also love these. I was a bit afraid because my other shorts roll up when I am running but these do not!

I love these shorts, they are easily my favorite pair. Not only do they feel amazing, they fit perfectly, and they look great. They are so multifunctional, from yoga to pole, to running to just relaxing.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are made with fabrics that meet the highest environmental and human safety standards.

If you would like to check these shorts out, I have a discount for you! Head to PrAna.com and use the code PSSS16IAHF for a 15% Discount!

Check Out The Lennox Shorts In Motion

City Fit Girls: Why Group Runs Are Absolutely Amazing


I’ve been following City Fit Girls for years. City Fit Girls was created to connect women with health & fitness resources and inspiration to live healthy lifestyles at home, school and in the workplace.

When I first joined Instagram I was inspired by one of their co-founders, Kiera Smalls, who embraced an active and healthy lifestyle. I had the pleasure of featuring her on iAmHealthyFit a while back.

As soon as City Fit Girls announced their ambassador program, I submitted my application and was thrilled to be accepted as an ambassador. After following such an amazing group of women for years, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to officially join their family.

Why City Fit Girls

While City Fit Girls is based out of Philadelphia, in the past year, they’ve started hosting pop-up running sessions in different cities. I was extremely excited about these sessions because I have not been able to run with them in Philly.

A few months ago they hosted a session in NYC, and I was a little sad because I recently moved from NY to DC. You can imagine my excitement when I received their newsletter and saw that Kiera and Takia were hosting a run in DC!

The run was scheduled for last week Saturday (February 20th, 2016) and DC surprised us with great running weather. We met at the Smithsonian Metro station at about 9 am. When I arrived, I joined the group of roughly 15 – 20 ladies ready to conquer some miles.

The Rules “No”

  • Running through red lights
  • Headphones
  • Dogs
  • Boys
  • Have fun!

We ran 3 miles around some of the monuments and were encouraged to chat with someone we did not know. Since I was alone, that wasn’t difficult. The run itself was cool, although I’ve been living in DC for over a year, this was my first time running in that area. It was beautiful!

As a runner, I’ve never been a fan of running in groups. I like to run alone and get lost in the music and the miles. But I am working on trying new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I am very happy I did! It was different but very fun!


We ended at the Protein Bar near Gallery Place, which had delicious, healthy goodies! Can’t thank Kiera and Takia enough for hosting this run and connecting me to other runners in the area! Check them out and if you are in DC join us for the next running date on March 19th!

Century Club Running Challenge: Winner Announcement!


The first iAmHealthyFit running challenge of 2016 concluded on January 31st 2016. We sought out run 100 miles! Although it seemed daunting to some it was iAmHealthyFit’s most engaging running challenge to date. There were forty-seven runners with nine finishers. Together we ran a whopping 1794.4 miles. That’s some serious mileage!

Our grand prize winner is @Queen_Abiajayi. She will receive a pair of Nike running shoes courtesy of iAmHealthyFit. All other finishers will receive a fitness pack consisting of jump ropes, water bottles, towels, sweatbands, etc.

We are grateful for all the participants, especially some of our top finishers (@Jacaristar,@Smooth_Orator, @BaldNegro, @Loski007 and @Saraknowsbest), who not only ran with us, but also encouraged everyone else to continue pushing. You are all awesome. We truly made each other better. Here are some of the finishers:

We are very proud of everyone who finished the challenge. Running 100 miles in four weeks is not easy. Packages will be sent out soon. Be on the lookout for the next challenge in March (60 miles). There will be two grand prize winners!!! See everyone in March.

#MiamiFamous – Recap of the Miami Half-Marathon


Today I am sharing my experience running the Miami Half-Marathon. This past Sunday I completed my third half-marathon (second in Miami). First and foremost I had a great time while there. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do a destination race.

There is nothing like getting away in the middle of winter to bask in seventy-degree weather. Also, I was there for a bachelor party weekend for one of my friends who was also doing his first half marathon.

Running the Miami Half-Marathon

Tunde and friends running the miami half-marathon

Getting There

Since the east coast was buried in snow, I almost didn’t make it.

My connecting flight was in Charlotte, so my flight got canceled on Thursday night. I was able to rebook through Phoenix early Friday morning. When I arrived i Ft. Lauderdale, I was accosted by the rain, and I thought that the whole weekend was going to be a wash.

The rain quickly dissipated and was mostly dry the, rest of the weekend. That night I was able to eat good Brazilian food and hang with friends at a club.


Saturday morning my friend and I got up to pick up our race packets. The convention center was filled with dozens of vendors selling everything from shoes to bikes to performance products.

It was a maze to get through, but I enjoyed the overall experience of being surrounded by so many runners. Saturday we all hung out around South Beach. I got my feet pressure measured, and my gait analyzed at the Fit2Run store. I found out that I’m running in shoes a full size too small.

Tunde running the miami half-marathon


Sunday morning we left South Beach to get to American Airlines Arena, but so many detours caused us to get to the race after it started. I was supposed to start with carousel E, but I didn’t leave until carrousel I. This caused us to wait around in the cold (38 degrees) with shorts on. I was so cold when the race started, not what I imagined while running in Miami.

When the race started, I had to zig zag through so many walkers and picture takers that it severely slowed me down. That combined with the fact that I didn’t get warmed up until around mile 5 I didn’t come close to my PR. I did do better than I did last year which is a good thing.

Tunde running the miami half-marathon

I’m glad I got to run #MiamiFamous again, and I’ve signed up for the full marathon next year. I’m so excited to get it done next year. Until then I’ll be running the Shamrock Run half marathon in six weeks and more half marathons this summer. I’m looking forward to collecting more medals this year.

Do not forget to check out the IAHF Running Club to run with me in Portland!

Running Updates: #iAmHealthyFitRuns and Half Marathon


Today marks nine days until my first half marathon of the year. I’ve been using the coaching feature app on the Nike running to train for this run. My goal is to finish the race in ninety minutes.

I thought it would have been possible since my last half-marathon I finished in one hour and forty-four minutes. I’m pretty excited about soaking up the sun in Miami and becoming Miami Famous.

Currently, I’m winding up my ‘taper week.’

Running schedule:

  • Five miles on Monday,
  • Ten on Tuesday (hated that),
  • Five on Wednesday,
  • Rest day on Thursday,
  • Four miles Friday,
  • Ten miles Saturday,
  • Rest day on Sunday.

After that, I have one last week of training, and I get to run for real.

To help me train this last month of running, I enlisted the help of the iamhealthyfit running community. I set up a running challenge on Nike Plus to run one hundred miles, and I was ecstatic at the turnout and enthusiasm that the participants showed. The competitive juices have been flowing all month!!

The grand prize will be a pair of Nike (my favorite brand) sneakers, and all finishers of the one hundred miles will receive a fitness bundle.

Today I signed up for the Portland Shamrock Run on March 13th, and I’ll be signing up Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon on July 4th. I still want to sign up for two races in the fall and some 5 and 10Ks scattered, but I’m happy with my 2016 run schedule.

Those are my running updates. Are you part of the iamhealthyfit challenge? How is running going for you?

Do not forget to check out the IAHF Running Club!