Healing from the pain of a divorce with Kelly Augustine

It took a lot for me to realize that this wasn't the person... Part of learning that I am wrong is realizing this wasn't his fault... It was me too.

Kelly Augustine

In today’s episode, I sat down with one of my favorite humans, my girl Kelly Augustine. Kelly is a 30 something, bronxnite, born and raised in NYC, who loves to live life and share her interests and experiences, mostly centered around her personal style with a focus on plus size fashion, Brown beauty and cosmetics, and NYC lifestyle.

Kelly, I met during our time at the Rochester Institute of Technology and have developed a beautiful friendship over the years. 

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this episode:

  • The major transitions in Kelly’s life over the past few years.
  • Going through a separation in her marriage after a 10-year long relationship.
  • Becoming single for the first time since she was 16.
  • Kelly’s decision to freeze her eggs.
  • Kelly’s advise to anyone who is going through a major transition and feeling defeated.

Connect with Kelly

Instagram: @kellyaugustine

Website: http://kellyaugustine.com

Clothing Store: @augustraye

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