Learn Why Not All Protein Flavors Are Created Equal


As promised I wanted to provide an update on the protein powders from Bob’s Red Mill and announce our giveaway winner!!!

First, let talk about the chocolate and protein flavors. During my previous post, I shared my thoughts on both the vanilla and chai flavors. Since then, I’ve tried both the protein and the chocolate both blended with fruits and only with water and ice. I am not a fan. I do not like the taste at all. The protein flavor has a very weird after taste. I hate after taste!

The chocolate flavor doesn’t blend well either. I did a blend with berries and it had such a chalky taste, I had to add ginger powder to try to make it manageable. I don’t know if I am not blending it with the right fruits, but I feel very strongly against protein powders that are not versatile to handle the fruits that I like or stand alone.

These flavors are a no go for me. Maybe in the future, I will give it another chance, perhaps for baking but not in my smoothies.


I would like to congratulate @craftyone! Thank you to everyone who entered!

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